Finally Revealed: What Trump Really Told AMLO (and how AMLO is still trying to sell his luxury airplane)

President Donald Trump and President “AMLO” met at the White House last July. Until now, much of what they talked about has not been revealed. Finally, a transcription is now available:

“President Trump, it is a great honor to meet you.”

“I know, President AMLO.”

“How is your campaign going?”

“Fantastic. It will probably be one of the greatest and most successful campaigns in the history of campaigns. But I have a question for you. Why do you only have one name? Is it like Sting or Prince?”

“Exactly. In Mexico, I am a rock star.”

“Great. I’m glad that you came to Washington. It’s good for my campaign, although of course I don’t need any help. I’m going to win in a landslide.”

“And if not?”

“I’m going to say it’s all a fraud and I was robbed….just kidding!”

The two presidents laugh, and Trump adds,

“Unless you want me to move to Mexico. Just sayin’”

One of the two presidents laughs and Trump continues,

“Let’s see. What could I do in Mexico? I could build a wall on the southern border.”

“Who would pay?”

“The United States!”

AMLO appears to get a little nervous.

“And if not?”

“I’ll construct a wall on the border with Belize and we can say that it spans the whole border.”

AMLO looks a bit perturbed, but Trump continues,

“No? How about a golf course? How does Trump Chapultepec sound?”

“President Trump, do you speak Spanish?”


“But you said Mexico is a country full of rapists.”

“Fake news. Besides, I meant rapist in the good sense. In fact, I myself am a sexual assailant.”

Suddenly AMLO smiles slyly.

“I imagine that if you move to Mexico you will need a plane to fly to all of the countries that don’t have extradition agreements with the U.S.”


“A luxury plane.”

“Of course.”

“A plane with leather seats, a shower, and a big private bedroom.”

“Why not?”

“And an exercise room…..(here there is a pause)…..for Melania.”

“Yes, for Melania.”

Then Trump asks,

“Could I sit in the pilot’s seat?”

“Yes, it would be your plane.”

“A gift?”

“Not exactly.”

“My bankers will be in touch to arrange a loan.”

“I was thinking about cash.”

“Well, President AMLO, I have to go and write insults on Twitter.”

“You’re not going to insult me?”

President Trump just winks.



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